Hi I'm Lindsay! Welcome to the Fearless Experiment! I love the smell of dirt and pine needles. I'm a pig farmer, a mom of four wonder boys, and I'm married to an awesome adventurer! I see beauty in the broken and hope in the impossible! I’m so excited you’re here! Let’s do something impossible together!

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3 Ways To Get UN-STUCK

3 Ways To Get UN-STUCK

Jan 30, 2016 | No Comments

  CLICK HERE to view from your mobile device. Are you stuck in life, in love, in your dreams or with God? I have been there and am there now in certain areas of my life if I’m honest. I am sure there are deeper more spiritual ways to get out of a stale holding […]



Jan 23, 2016 | 3 Comments

CLICK HERE to watch from your mobile device. How does God want to transform all of the areas you’re using “BECAUSE” to thwart your dreams, purpose and relationships? What you choose to justify with these 7 letters will determine everything about the life you live and what you believe about the One who gave it […]

5 Words That’ll Keep You From Being Fearless.

5 Words That’ll Keep You From Being Fearless.

Jan 8, 2016 | 6 Comments

I spend a LOT of time chasing a toddler on any given day. Sometimes he runs from me with a smile knowing he’ll return when it works for him and sometimes he runs in anger or fear of having whatever he’s clutching in his dirty little boy hands (usually, but not limited to, a sharp […]


  • jeanette

    Loved Lindsay’s ministry with our church family & their friends. Passionate, fun, anointed in an unique way to bring Truth and Light.

    - Jeanette Webber, Music Director, Parkway Christian Center

  • megan

    Lindsay has a special ability to strike a very common chord in all women, believers and non-believers a like. Through the stories she shares and the questions she asks, she makes you feel understood, special and unique all at the same time.

    - Megan Baker, Founder of Grants Pass Fight Night

  • brenda

    Lindsay is an exciting speaker. I love her heart for the Lord. Her enthusiasm of scripture and application is highly contagious!!!!

    - Brenda Anderson, Women’s Ministries, First Naz

  • angela

    Lindsay’s Living with GRIT has taken me deeper in my relationship with the Lord than I ever knew possible. It has unearthed hidden chambers in my heart, broken down the barriers and insecurities… Surrendering to Him completely & Living with GRIT… Awakening!

    - Angela Gridley, Business Owner

  • lu
    “Starting the day with words of boldness gives us the strength to face anything that might come our way.  Fighting words reminds us of the armor God has given us full access to.”

    - Lu Crenshaw, Crossfit Coach & Founder of Camp17

  • jenna

    “Lindsay walked me step by step through what it might look like to live FEARLESSLY. As a woman, I never realized the extent to which the longing to be fearless and authentic and powerful may have come from God. Thought provoking and inspiring, this just might be what you need to take your next step!”

    - Jenna Benton, Author of Awkward: A 30 Day Challenge

  • kim

    What Lindsay has started a revival in our community! She has challenged women to say yes to Jesus, step out in faith, and have Christ-like Love. Not only is she my friend but I consider her a mentor. She has encouraged me in every step of my walk and has walked right beside in the Love Stripped Ministry as we go into the strip club and love on women. Saying “yes” to God is what this girl is all about. It may not be fun and it may not be pretty, but her willingness to serve Jesus encourages and inspires!!

    - Kim Adams, Founder of Love Stripped


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