Fight Night Round 14 Podcast: {Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Becoming a Fighter}

It’s taken me WAAAAYYYYY to long to get this up! But finally it’s here. Lisa Hutchins killed it with her talk on becoming a fighter!! Also here are Lisa’s tips for becoming a fighter!! SOOO Good! THE QUALITIES OF A FIGHTER I. TRAIN HARD & BE PREPARED 1 Corinthians 9:25 Everyone who competes in the […]

COUPLE’S FIGHT NIGHT: Round 3 Podcast {An Adventurous Marriage}

God intends for us to know who we are and use our gifts to further His Kingdom… but how often do we partner with our spouse to do this. Using our gifts together, dreaming together, saying yes to God together keep marriage exciting and adventurous. Listen to our 3rd Couple’s Fight Night podcast and let […]


Our February Couples Night touched on what it looks like to have a “perfect” marriage… perfect in God’s eyes… as in moving toward Him, as in living life abundantly together, as in fixing our own crap and not expecting our spouse to “COMPLETE” us. C.J. and I tag teamed and shared about our less than […]


February’s Fight Night Speaker Jenna Benton, laying it down about what keeps us from MERCY. An amazing talk from a Fearless Ambassador. She lives what she speaks and God is using her mightily! One of my favorite quotes from the night: “Justice starts with MERCY.” Click This Link to Listen:Women’s Fight Night Podcast: MERCY


We were excited to kick off our first Couple’s Fight Night this week with Pat Doyle talking about resentment. It got raw and real and we learned so much! What an amazing way to start this journey of fighting along side each other for our marriages! Click the link below to listen to Pat’s message! […]

January FIGHT NIGHT Podcast: WAKE-UP

Monday night was powerful. Not just because of the words shared or the music played but because the body of Christ gathered in agreement to the need to WAKE-UP… there’s power in that. Waking Up to HIS love and presence and power in our lives will transform us and compel us to shake the foundations […]

Fight Night December: Jesus Is Born {The Ultimate Fight}

Last night was the first time we’ve combined our groups.. men and women.. worshiping together … at a bar… it was beautiful! C.J. talking about the list in MAtthew 1:1, often overlooked but critical to the story of Christ. Filled with hookers, deceivers, murderers, sorcerers, and so much redemption. Check out this podcast to find […]