image2FEARLESS WOMAN: Christi Stone

AGE: 38

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FAMILY: Married to Shane since August of 2015, she has 6 kids: Brandon 19, Aaron 16, Justin 15, Isabella 12, Caleb 12, and Eric 9.

DREAM: The biggest dream God has been giving me is to preach and teach the gospel and to empower women with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring freedom through healing and sharing their stories. To see an army of women rise up and claim their destiny and walk in the calling God has placed on their life. To watch lives transform when they see God as their Father for the first time like I did.  I recently had the privilege of speaking to our youth and it was amazing it felt like I belonged there that this was what I was created to do. It was definitely a defining moment where it wasn’t about me like it’s always been in the past but only glorifying our Father and just being a vessel for whatever He wanted to do.


I met Christi last fall while speaking at the Superwoman Conference at Garden Valley Church. We kept in contact and she came to one of our STRIKE Retreats in April. It has been incredible to see God completely break down walls and show himself so powerfully in her life. When I heard her story I knew right away it was one that needed to be told here and I know you’re going to love her as much as I do!!

Christi’s Interview:

(Q) When did you meet the person you love the most in the world?
(A) The first time I met the person I love the most was September 19th 2015. My husband Shane. He was a direct answer to prayer. On April 22 2015 I dared to trust God to send a man after His own heart and I made a detailed list and started praying. I wasn’t all too sure I believed He’d send him and then through a homeless ministry God led my husband and three added miracles to my life. God always answers and then some.

(Q) Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not?
(A) My entire life I’ve pretended to be someone else, until recently I couldn’t remember a time that I didn’t want or crave to be someone else. I grew up a copy of whoever I was around. Good or bad I copied because it had to be better than who I was. 

(Q) What has been your most powerful spiritual breakthrough to date?
(A) My most powerful breakthrough was at the STRIKE Retreat when I really realized the love God has for me. Since that weekend I have let all my guards down and trusted God to be my Father knowing He loves that I dream and He will never send me away or forsake me. I also learned that I have not shamed Him nor is He ashamed of me. I know now that Heaven has always been working things out for my good. God has been polishing and refining my life. I’m no longer shamed by my story but empowered and I know God will use it for His Glory. I love Him and He loves me and I can’t wait to see what He has in store. 

(Q) What is your biggest regret/failure?
(A) My biggest regret and failure in my life was falling prey to impurity. Allowing others to determine what I did not only with my own body, but my spirit. I was so broken I believed the lies that everyone is doing it and most days I felt like I had sold my soul to the devil. I was covered in shame and I wanted to hide.

(Q) What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
(A) The biggest risk I have ever taken for God was to put my arm down and allow Him to become not only my God but to become my Father. My greatest encounter with God has just been each moment. learning to hear His voice in the midst of the storm and in the presence of the calm.

I think often times we keep in the “God” box because it’s a safety box. A box we can control because we know where we stand. He’s God and that’s that and I’m Christi… there’s control and no surprises. But when we drop our arm and allow God to become our Father we set out on a journey where our self image starts to change from our self opinion to His opinion of us, which is our true identity. Being able to put my arm down and allow God to access all those gated-off, caution taped areas of my heart really showed me that there is a whole lot of destiny waiting for me between my shoulder and my fingers. I began to see that I AM who He says I am. I do have purpose and no scheme or plan from the enemy can cancel out Gods plan for my life. I believe when we as women allow God to unveil our true identities to us we discover a beauty and a strength hidden within that absolutely shakes the pit of hell. I used to want to just hide and hope the enemy doesn’t find me, but now I live for Jesus Christ and everyday I know more of who I am and what I’m capable of. I am a Daddy’s little girl and my Daddy’s got my back. Biggest risk… Unmeasurable reward.

(Q) Have you ever allowed other people’s opinions to overshadow God’s?
(A) My entire life other people’s opinions were more important than Gods because I was a people pleaser. I was a girl who turned into a woman after man’s own heart and not God’s. I could never seem to live up to the expectations I put on myself to be different. I just wanted to be anything but me.

(Q) What’s the greatest lie you’ve ever believed?
(A) I have believed many lies in my life but the one that almost took my life was that because I had been impure that God didn’t want me. That He couldn’t forgive what I had done and because of my mistakes I had sentenced myself to a life of hiding and imprisoned by shame.

On November 25, 2014 thanksgiving morning I was overcome with shame and I couldn’t overcome it. I contemplated taking my life that day. I believed that I was a failure as a mother and that I could never recover from what I had done. I would have rather been dead than to live in that bondage anymore. Night terrors haunted me thinking of every mistake I had made and the “bed” I had made for myself. If it wasn’t for my pastors at that time I wouldn’t be here. Something stirred in me and I cried out and I knew I had to call them. It was the first day I received Gods grace in my life and it began a journey of believing it. 

Final Thoughts from Christi… I will live out the rest of my life sharing this freedom with women so that whatever their big risk with God is, they can do it. They can say yes and scream GERONIMO!


Thank you Christi for your honesty. Thank you for allowing us to see what courage looks like in the process! We are so excited for what God has for you and we are cheering you on!! GERONIMO!

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The Fearless Experiment is an invitation to let God unearth the deep wells of fearlessness He’s already placed in us and an awakening to the greatest adventure of our lives! When there’s is no more hiding, no more covering up, no more protecting, and no more loving with an agenda we encounter God and His Kingdom on a whole new level. When fear is no longer our default, and we can be courageous enough to venture outside the lines, there are no limits to what God will use us for.

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